How do you perform self-assessment?

Category: Performance

Self-assessment is an opportunity for all employees to self-reflect and assess their achievements, strengths, weaknesses, and areas to focus on for the next period. Once the HR Administrator has initiated an employee performance review, every user can do their self-assessment under My Reviews in

Step 1:

Click on Performance on the left navigation panel and select Performance -> HR Administration -> My Reviews.


Click the review type in which you want to do the self-assessment.

Step 2:

My Reviews

Move the performance indicator to rate your competencies and click on it to provide comments.


Before you submit your review you can select your peer reviewers whom do you want to review your performance apart from your Manager. Click on the button Add Peers to add reviewers.

My Reviews Active

Step 3:

Once you have selected your peers for 360-degree assessment, click Add to send it to your Manager for approval.

Peers assessment

Finally, submit your assessment.

Submit Assessment

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