How does the Reminder Schedule work in

Category: Performance allows users to configure the Reminder Schedule for Performance Reviews.

Why this Feature?

  • The Reminder Schedule option enables users to configure the no.of days to notify individuals involved in the assessment process.
  • Users will be notified prior to the scheduled days to complete the performance review.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews from the left menu. Click on the + icon to initiate a new review.

Initiate New Review

Step 2

In the Initiate Review panel, in the Scheduler section, enable the Review Scheduler and set End Dates for individual assessment levels.

And, in the Reminder Schedule section, check the box and set the no.of Days before the due date to notify employees.

This way, the employees will be notified before the end date configured in the Review Scheduler.

Finally, click on Initiate.

Configure Reminder Schedule

The configuration will be automated and employees will be notified through email prior to the respective date for the initiated review.

Email Reminder

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