How does the user show progress in the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) in ?

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A user can now show progress in the performance improvement plan (PIP) in

Why this feature?

This feature helps employees showcase the progress of their PIPs. The Mentors/Coach can track the status of the PIPs and close them when fully accomplished by the employees.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → Development Plans → Performance Improvement Plan → My PIPs.

Note: You can also click on the Action Center link to check the initiated IDP by the mentor or coach.

Step 2:

By clicking on the Initiated Plan, the user can show progress in the activities proposed by their manager and mentor before the stipulated time. Once the user starts to show progress on the activities, the status of the plan will be changed to “In Progress”.

Step 3:

Based on the user’s completion of progress on or before the stipulated time, action will be taken by the manager. Once the user completes them on time, then the coach or the HR admin can close the PIP and take action based on the performance evaluation.

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