How HR can Auto-approve the peers from the HR dashboard?

Category: Performance provides an option to auto-approve the peers from the HR Dashboard.

Why this Feature?

Previously, only managers can approve the peers nominated by both employees and HR.

Now HR can auto-approve peers added by the employee during self-assessment.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the HR toggle to Auto-approve the peers.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left navigation panel.

Review template navigation

Step 2:

Click on the  Edit icon of the Review template you want to make the changes to.

Edit Review template

Step 3:

In the Edit Review Template page, select the Review Process tab to enable the HR Sign-off toggle and click on the  icon to Edit.

Review Process tab

Step 4:

In the Peer Assessment Options panel, Enable the HR toggle adjacent to Auto-approve peers nominations.

Peer Assessment Options

Note: Users must click on the Update button to apply the action.

Step 5:

Now, navigate to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Performance Reviews navigation

Step 6:

Select the Initiated review to add peers from the HR Dashboard.

Initiated review

Step 7:

In the HR Dashboard, click on the icon to Add Peers. Select the Employees from the drop-down menu and click on Add.

Add Peers

The selected employees will be added as Peers for the employee.

HR Dashboard

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