How HR can Auto-approve the peers from the HR dashboard?

Category: Performance provides an option to auto-approve the peers from the HR Dashboard.

Why this Feature?

Previously, only managers can approve the peers nominated by both employees and HR.

Now HR can auto-approve peers added by the employee during self-assessment.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the HR toggle to Auto-approve the peers.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → Performance → Reviews.

Click on the edit icon of the peer assessment row under the Performance Review Process section.

Enable the auto-approve peer nominations toggle under HR.


Finally, Update it.

Step 2:

Complete the self-assessment for the newly initiated review.

The user has added peers during their self-assessment.

If the HR goes to the Review Dashboard and adds one more user in the peer assessment by clicking on the + button.

The peer assessment will be sent automatically to the users who are added in the assessment. The manager need not accept the request for Manager Feedback.

The status should be displayed as “Not Submitted” until the user submits the Peer Assessment.

Note: If the user hasn’t enabled the toggle for HR in Auto approve peers then it sends the request to the respective manager’s approval for feedback and the status will be displayed as “Pending Approval”.

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