How to add a matrix Manager to a user in

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There is a specific approval flow for goals in, added to the existing approval flow, there is now an option available to assign a Matrix manager to approve goals. provides a new option known as matrix manager where the matrix manager can respond to the approval request along with the manager when the user creates or edits a goal. When a user is assigned as a matrix manager, the approval to create and edit goals will be sent to the manager and matrix manager and either of them can approve it.

Note: Only SuperUsers will be able to add additional managers.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → Performance → Goals.

Step 2:

Select the Matrix Manager in the process of adding additional managers.

Matrix Manager

For instance, the user named Rachel Garcia the reporting manager is Allyson Tompkins. Let's add the matrix manager as the user Ann Bell.

Step 3:

If the user Rachel Garcia sends approval for a goal.

Approval for goal

In first phase, the reporting Manager Allyson Tompkins should first approve the goal.

 Manager approve the goal

After that in the second phase, the Matrix Manager Ann Bell needs to approve the goal.

 Manager Ann Bell needs to approve the goal

After that, any of the custom employees present in the list need to approve the goal.

If the superuser hasn’t added any employees to the custom list.

Enable approvals for create or edit goals

The goal will be automatically approved after the second phase.

 Goal approved

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