How to add Peer Reviewers from the HR dashboard?

Category: Performance allows users to add Peer Reviewers from the HR Dashboard for performance reviews.

Why this Feature?

  • A peer assessment can help employees in an organization to reflect on their performance and areas where they can improve.
  • Peers can give feedback and constructive criticism, which enables the employees to identify skill gaps and focus on learning them.

Note: For employees to add peers, peer assessment must be included in the review process.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Performance reviews navigation

Step 2:

On the Performance Reviews page, selected the initiated performance reviews you wish to add peers.

Initiated review

Step 2:

In the HR Dashboard, under the Peer Assessment section click on the   icon to Add Peers and select employees from the drop-down menu. Once done, Add.

Add peers

Step 3:

Once the employees have been added as peers, they must approve themselves for peer assessment.

Peers added

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