How to configure peer assessment in performance reviews?

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A Peer Assessment can help employees in an organization reflect on their performance and focus on areas where they can improve. allows users to configure peer assessment in performance reviews.

Why this feature?

  • Peer assessments provide an opportunity for employees to give each other constructive criticism, which enables them to identify skill gaps and focus on learning.
  • By using this feature, the peer assessments can be structured and configured in a manner that better serves the needs of the organization’s performance reviews.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Reviews → Reviews from the left navigation panel and switch to the Review Template tab. Click on the Edit icon for the Review Template.

Step 2

On the Edit Review Template page, select the Review Process section and click on the Edit icon for Peer Assessment.

Step 3

In the Peer Assessment Options, you can configure the users can configure Who can nominate peers and  Auto Approve the peer feedback options. 

The user can also completely control the limitations and automate the overall rating calculation. 

You can add peers for specific Q&A, Goals, OKRs, and competencies, allowing them to review and provide feedback on particular Q&A, Goals, OKRs, and competencies.

Once these toggles are enabled, you can select who is allowed to nominate peers to review their Q&A, Goals, OKRs, and Competencies.

Step 5

In the Performance Review Assessment Includes section users can select the components that can be evaluated in the review.

In the Who can view peer assessment? section, users can also set and restrict visibility for peer reviews.

Step 6

Once done, navigate back to the Edit Review Template page and click on Save.

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