How to Configure the Rating Scale Slider for Performance Reviews in

Category: Performance allows users to customize and configure the rating scale slider option for Performance Reviews to rate and evaluate the employees.

Why this feature?

  • Ratings are used in performance reviews to indicate an employee's level of performance or achievement.
  • The reviewer can move the slider and provide ratings to the employees based on the question.
  • Determined by the organizational needs, users can customize the rating scale appearance for employee performance reviews.

Note: Only Users with access to Settings can customize the rating slider appearance.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left navigation panel.

On the Reviews page, select the Q&A Template tab. For instance, Let’s select the Standard review.

Step 2

On the Question Builder page, drag and drop the Slider attribute on the layout and click Save.

Step 3

Select the attribute and If you opt for Numeric Slider, you can select the Range under Values which is customizable.

You can also configure it by using Dotted Slider. Select the attribute and enable the Detailed View toggle in the Inspector tab and select Configure.

Step 4

A Configure pop-up panel will appear, In the Sub Components, you can select Matrix Radio or Competencies, the type of Calculation for the scores, and the number of points for the slider scale. Enter the Question and the attribute's Score Values. 

Finally, click on Update.

For instance, Let’s select Matrix Radio, Sum, and 4 points in the slider scale.

Step 5

Once configured, enable the toggles in Rating Visibility and Assessment as per organizational needs, and finally click on Save.

To view the customized rating scale in the performance review follow the steps.

Step 1

On the My Reviews page, you can select any initiated Review for assessment.

Step 2

On the Self-Assessment page, you can select Detailed View to view the Score.

Step 3

A Detailed View pop-up will appear, and you can modify the scores if needed. Once done, click on Update.

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