How to Create Additional Filters to Performance Trend Report in

Category: Performance provides an option to create new Additional Filters for the review and employee attributes in the Performance Trend Report.

Why this Feature?

  • By using this feature, you can create new Additional Filters.
  • This feature allows the Super User and HR admin to generate a report by filtering the employee's custom attributes.
  • Employees can choose their custom attributes while creating new additional filters.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → Reports → Performance Trend Report from the left navigation panel.

Performance Trend Report

Step 2

Users can select and filter the reports based on Review Title and Review Participants on the Performance Trend Report page. To create a new customized filter, click on the Additional Filter option and select + Add a new Filter from the drop-down menu.

Additional filter

Step 3

In the Create Filter side panel, Name your new Filter. In the Add Criteria section, click on

Insert Attribute and select any attribute from the Employee Details side navigation drop-down menu.

For instance, Let’s create a new additional filter named Location Based.

Create new filter

Step 4

Select the attribute Condition for the filter from the drop-down menu.

For instance, Let’s select the attributable condition for location as = (Equivalent).


Step 5

As a final step, enter the attribute Value for the filter. Once done, click on Create button.

For instance, Let’s enter the equivalent value to the attribute as the UK.


The newly created customized Additional filter will be added to the Performance Trend Report page.

New Filter

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