How to customize the Rating slider in performance reviews?

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Ratings are used in performance reviews to indicate the employee's level of performance and achievement.

Why this feature?

  • Performance assessments allow employees and managers to assess competence and performance for effective assessment.
  • provides an option to configure the “Rating Appearance” with the below values. The Rating Appearances are Dotted Rating, Numeric Rating, Star, and Emoticon.
  • Super Users can configure to any of the above slider types based on their requirements.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left navigation panel and switch to the Rating Controls tab.

Step 2

On the Rating Controls page, scroll down to Rating Appearance.

Users can customize their Rating Appearance based on their organizational needs. The Preview of the chosen rating slider for the Object will appear adjacent to the Appearance.

Note: Managers and Secondary Reviewers can choose the rating appearance for their overall rating of the assessments.

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