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Competencies are measurable skills or abilities that an individual requires to successfully perform their job roles in an organization. These competencies are assessed using rated scores. allows you to define individual weights for the competencies in the scoring buckets.

Why this Feature?

  • Previously, we could only assign Competency weights at the Overall Competency Level or Competency Group Levels, but we can no longer do so.
  • However, with this feature, you can now assign weights to Individual competency levels based on the organization's priority.
  • An employee can now plan and execute tasks based on the weights assigned to each competency.

Step 1

Go to Settings → Performance → Review Template. Edit the Review template where you want to make the changes.

Step 2

Enable the toggle for Scoring Buckets. Click on the edit icon of Competencies to define weights at the Individual competency level.

Step 3

Once the weight has been updated, you can choose how the weights can be distributed at the Individual competency level.

To define weightage, select the individual competency level and the competencies from the drop-down list box under the weights section.

Step 4

The total weight applied should equal the competencies weight defined on the scoring bucket page, Once defined click on the update button.

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