How to manage scores for goals and competencies?

Category: Performance

In’s performance review the overall percentage the employee receives in their review summary information is an average of the manager's rating for all the competencies. If you enable the toggle “Include goals in a performance review for assessment” the overall percentage will combine goals and competencies with uniform weight i.e, 50% each. But now you can adjust and manage the weight or score for goals and competencies via the Scoring bucket option.

Note: Only super users have access to Settings.

Step 1

To change the default weighting, navigate to the Settings → Performance → Scoring from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

Enable the Scoring Buckets toggle, and to adjust weight click on the pencil icon. The below-mentioned example shows 0.7 weight for goals and 0.3 weight for competencies.

Step 3

You can adjust the weights per unit value. Once you click on the pencil icon, the Update scoring page will open, you can add weight and click Update. The weight will be updated.

Note: Make sure the sum of the weights equals 1 or 100%.

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