How to set weights for Goals?

Category: Performance provides an option to provide weights for each goal in order to distribute the weightage to the number of goals created, this helps you to know your progress based on the weightage calculation.

Why this feature?

In some cases all Goals may not have an equal impact, so in such cases, applying weightage to goals will increase or decrease the focus on goals based on the priorities.

Note: Only Superusers can enable the process to set weights in Goals.

To enable this access first go to Settings → Performance → Goals.


Enable the toggle for Allow users to define weights for goals.


Step 1:

While creating new goals you’ll see an icon, click on that to set weights.

For instance, let’s create a new goal named “Increase CSAT score by 30%”


Step 2:

Click the icon icon and set the weight for the goals.

The value you’re giving for the weight will be converted to Percentage.


Finally, click the Apply button.

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