How to hide Manager's Overall Rating from employees in performance reviews?

Category: Performance provides an option to set visibility for Managers’ Overall Rating in the Performance Reviews. You can configure the self-assessment settings for Who can see( Self Assessment) and What they can see (Self Assessment Overall Rating and Secondary Reviewers Overall Rating).

Why this Feature?

By using this feature you can now control the visibility of Managers’ Overall rating in the performance review summary. If The super user does not want to show the Manager's rating to the employees, they can hide their ratings using this option.

Note: Only Super users can enable Manager’s Overall Ratings from settings.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → Performance → Reviews.


Step 2:

Note: By default, The Manager Overall Rating will be disabled in the Review Summary Information Section.


You can enable this option if HR wants to view the Manager’s overall Rating for conducting the calibration Process internally.


Step 3:

To hide the Manager’s Overall Rating from the employees, under the Performance Review Process select the edit option in the self-assessment under the step name.


Step 4:

In the Self Assessment Option Page, Ensure that the Show Review Summary Information to employees is enabled so that the employee can view the review summary information.

you can unselect the Manager’s Overall Rating from the selected drop-down list box to hide the Managers rating from the employees.

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