How to initiate a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) in

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Why this feature?

  • The Performance Improvement Plan feature helps employees who find it difficult to accelerate their performance, this plan guides them to improve their skills in the areas that they find difficult to perform well.
  • Performance plans are one of the best ways to boost employee performance in the workplace, but managers need to make sure that they’re personalizing these plans as much as possible. 

Step 1

Navigate to Performance→HR Administration from the left navigation panel. On the HR Administration page, Click on the Performance Improvement Plan. Then click on the Initiate PIP to create a new PIP plan.

Note: HR admins and initiators can create a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Step 2

When the HR admin clicks on the +Initiate PIP button, a side panel will open where you can enter the following details.

After sending it for approval, PIP will be generated, and it will be in the “Proposed” status.


Finally, the coach modify details and add coach/mentors if needed and Initiate PIP for the user.

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