How to initiate a Individual Development Plan (IDP) in

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You can now initiate an Individual Development Plan in When the HR initiates an Individual Development plan, a notification will be received in the user’s Action center.

Why this Feature ?

Individual Development Plan (IDP) identifies future stars to help them progress in their career. It helps you prepare for the future by providing you an outline of vision for your career and to set goals to capitalize your strengths to develop your career needs.

Note: Only the Super Users have access to allow a user to initiate a review by adding the user name in the Initiators tab.

Do you know how to initiate a review? If not please, click here.

Steps to initiate Individual Development plan (IDP)

To make a user an initiator, go to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left navigation panel.


In the tab select the name of the initiators( users who can have the access to initiate).

employee performance review

To know more about this follow the steps given below

Step 1

HR admin can create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) through the Initiate option which is displayed on the Individual Development Plan page.

Individual Development Plan

Step 2

When the HR admin clicks on the Initiate button, a side panel will open where you can enter the following details.

After sending it for approval, IDP will be generated and it will be in the “Proposed” status.


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