How to Initiate a Pulse survey in

Category: Performance provides an option to initiate a new pulse survey for the employees to conduct a survey.

Why this feature?

  • Pulse surveys enable organizations to gather valuable feedback from employees, promoting open communication and engagement within the workforce.
  • These surveys provide a user-friendly and efficient way for employees to share their opinions and insights, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and employee satisfaction.

Step 1

Note: Before initiating a survey, enable the Pulse Survey toggle.

Click on the Pulse Survey from the left navigation menu. Add the initiators who will be having access to initiate a new Pulse Survey.

Step 2

Click on the Survey from the left navigation menu. On the Manage Pulse Survey page, click on the + New survey to initiate a review.

Step 3

In the New Survey page, Select the Template from the list and provide a Headline for the survey that you wish to conduct, and click Create.

Step 4

Once you click Create, you will be navigated to the Survey Builder page, where you can cross-check your survey questionnaire and edit if necessary using the Palette and the Inspector tab on the right side.

Step 5

Once you confirm the survey questionnaire, you can go back to the survey page. Click on the name of the Survey that you Initiated. You will be directed to the Pulse Survey page; here click on the Email Survey button.

Step 6

On the Email Survey page, select the respondents and click Send. Here, All Employees are selected.

Step 7

If you want to send the survey to selective employees, click on the Custom list and select from the list and click Send.

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