How to initiate Employee Performance Review?

Category: Performance provides an option to initiate a new review to the employees present in the organization.

Why this feature?

  • Initiators can initiate Performance Reviews.
  • Super Users can assign Review Initiators to initiate Performance Reviews.
  • This feature helps the managers and the top management to assess the performance of the employees with respect to their roles and responsibilities in the organization.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Performance Reviews Navigation

Step 2

In the Performance Reviews page, click on the Initiate Review button.

Initiate Review

Step 3

An Initiate Review side panel will appear. Select the Review Type, Review Scope, and the Joined Before date for the review.

For instance, Let’s initiate a Standard Review.

Customize Review

Step 4

Once done, enter the Review Headline and Review Description for the review.

Review Headline

Step 5

Enable the Auto Close Review toggle, if you want the review to end automatically on a certain date. You can also set additional Days of Grace Period to complete the assessment.

Customize Review

Step 6

Enable the Add Peer Reviewers toggle, if you wish to have peer assessments for the review. Once done, click on the Initiate button.

For instance, Let’s select Add all employees as peer reviewers except their direct manager option.

Add Peer

Step 7

The initiated Review will be added to the Performance Reviews page. Select the Review to access the HR Dashboard.


HR can view the status of the assessments from the HR Dashboard.

HR Dashboard

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