How to initiate Employee Performance Review?

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Only a Review Initiator can initiate an Employee performance review. The initiator(s) role can be assigned by a Super User. The Review Initiator can close the Performance reviews manually or can set an auto close date.

Why this feature?

This feature helps the managers and the top management to know how the employees are performing with respect to their roles and responsibilities in the organization, based on which a review process will be initiated and progressed for the management to access the performance of individuals with transparency.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings —> Performance -> HR Administration


Step 2

Then click Active Performance --> Performance Reviews



Step 3

The Create Review window will open. You can type in the “Headline” and “Description” for the Performance Review and Select period.


Step 4

Auto close Review is an option to set up a specific date to close the performance review process automatically. Enable the Auto Close Review toggle, if you want to close the review on a specified date.


Step 5

Grace Period is an option where the HR administrator can set the number of grace days to complete the assessment. After the closure date, no reviews can be initiated. You can define a grace period during which users can still submit their reviews.


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