How to override weights at the review level in

Category: Performance allows users to override weights in performance reviews for their Goals and OKRs.

Why this Feature?

  • This feature enables users to override the weights distributed for Goals and OKRs in the review level.
  • Employees can define the weights based on the time spent on their Goals and OKRs on each review level while performing assessments.
  • The calculation for Overall Ratings & Overall Percentage is based on the individuals given weights for their Goals and OKRs.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left navigation panel.

Review Templates navigation

Step 2:

Click on the edit Edit icon of the Review template you want to make the changes to.

Edit Review Templates

Step 3:

In the Edit Review Template page, click on the Scoring Buckets tab to enable the Scoring Buckets toggle, now click on the Show Advanced Options button.

Scoring Buckets tab

Step 4:

Enable the Allow override weights at review level toggle on the scoring bucket page. Click on edit icon to Edit and allow employees to override the weights for Goals and OKRs.

Users can restrict employees' weight distribution to sum total of 100% or 1, which prevents them from submitting their self-assessment if they don't meet the set condition by enabling the Prevent employees from submitting their self-assessment if the weights do not add up to 100% toggle.

Click on edit  icon to Edit and allow employees to override the weights for Goals and OKRs.

For instance, Let’s allow override weights for Goals. Click on edit icon to Edit.

allow override

Step 5:

A side panel will appear. Enable the Allow the employees to specify the granular weights for Goal Performance Assessment toggle and click Update.

Allow granular weights

Step 6:

Navigate to Performance → My Reviews from the left navigation panel.

My Reviews navigation

Step 7:

In the My Reviews page, select the Review you want to perform an assessment.


Step 8:

In the selected assessment, scroll down to Goals and add Weights.

Note: The cumulative score of the weight distribution should always be rounded off to 1.

Goals weights

The distribution of weights throughout the assessment for Goals, OKRs, and Competencies will be updated automatically and displayed as shown below.


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