How to perform HR Sign-off in Performance management?

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You can now perform HR sign-off action, once you agree with the assessed review. This can be done at once the self, peers, managers, and secondary reviewers' assessment has been submitted.

Step 1

To enable this step, navigate to the Settings → Performance → Reviews and Performance review process.

Performance review process

Step 2

After enabling the toggle, complete the below-mentioned steps by clicking on the links given.

Step 3

HR Sign Off

Once you complete the above steps after enabling the HR sign-off toggle your reviews will be highlighted like the below-mentioned review.

HR Sign Off

Step 4

Now the HR of the particular employee must open the review and click on the HR sign-off button.

HR sign-off button

Step 5

Now click on the sign-off button in the alert pop-up message to complete the review.

Sign Off

Note: The HR sign-off can be done for individual employees and as well as for ‘n’ number of employees.

In the dashboard of your HR, you can find that the review of the particular employee is completed.

Employee Review

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