What is the use of Bell Curve in Profit.co ?

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Profit.co provides an option to review the employee's performance based on the bell curve.

Why this Feature?

  • The Bell Curve approach is applied in performance appraisals as a way of distinguishing elite performers from average performers, and further, segregating below-par employees from the overall average.
  • While calculating the individual Performance Score, Bell Curve helps the HR team to review the employee performance with different curves.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Dashboard from the left navigation panel.

Dashboard navigation

Step 2:

In the Dashboard page, Enable the toggle for Distribution.

There will be default distributions with percentages showing the Overall Percentage and Bell Curve Distribution.


Add distribution

You can also Add a new one or edit the existing Distribution.

Create configure distributions

You can create a new Calibration Group. The employees in this group have access to change the calibration values.

Calibration Group

Step 3:

After setting all Go to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Performance Reviews navigation

Step 3:

Select the Review which you want to check and select Launch Calibration.

Launch Calibration

Click on the Bell Curve.

Note: Only Super Users can view the Bell Curve in the Review Dashboard.

Bell Curve

In Bell Curve there are three different scores,

  • Targeted Distribution - It will show the architecture defined in the bell curve configuration
  • Overall Score - It will show the actual score provided by the Manager’s/Secondary reviewer’s
  • Calibrated Score - It will show the normalized score by the calibration group members (Employees). This score will display once the calibration process completes.

You can export the report in CSV format.

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