What is the use of Performance Trend Report ?

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Profit.co provides an option to HR Admins and Super Users to generate Performance Trend Reports of employees.

Why this Feature?

In Profit.co, the Performance Trend Report feature is exclusively created for HR Admins to track the employee’s quarterly performance and the overall reviews they have received.

The HR administrators calculate the average performance score of the employees based on their previous performance reviews, which then helps them to decide about employee promotions and increments in forthcoming years.

To create a new Performance Trend Report, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance Dashboards from the left navigation panel.

On the Performance Trend Report page, click on the + icon to create a Performance Trend Report.

Step 2:

In the Create Performance Trend Report panel, enter the Report Name, enable the Review Summary Info toggle, and select the scores that you wish to display in the report.

Step 3:

In the Overview tab, click on the + Insert New Column to add new columns and set the properties for your report.

In the Conditional Formatting section, click on the + icon to give a Name, Priority Score, and set Criteria for your report. Once done, click on Create.

To view and generate the Performance Trend Report, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → Reports from the left navigation panel.

In the Dashboard page, Select the Performance Trend Report from the dropdown.

The report will be generated and displayed based on the selected review as shown below.

To download data in the CSV and XLS formats, click the Export icon.

Note: During data export for organizations with 300+ users, an Export History panel will display the background progress status.

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