What is the use of Review Dashboard in Profit.co?

Category: Performance

Profit.co provides an option to view employee assessment progress in graphical data visualizations with infographics.

Why this Feature?

    • A dashboard is a visual representation of all of your data. Its prime objective is to exhibit data effectively to users.
    • With the use of effective infographics, users may clearly articulate their data and make key strategic decisions.
    • By using this feature, HR administrators can monitor the progress of employees in performance reviews.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → Dashboard → Review Dashboard from the left navigation panel.

The Review Dashboard displays the data of the reviews.

The infographic's data is based on Competencies and Q&As of the performance reviews.

Note: No infographics will be displayed for assessments with no data.

Users can Filter the review and view the analytics of the selected review in the dashboard.

Step 2

Users can Filter the assessment type and view the analytics of the selected review in the dashboard.

For instance, Let’s select Self Assessment.

The data of the selected assessment type will be displayed as shown below.

Step 5

Click on the More icon to Download and Print the data of the review in various formats based on user requirements.

The data can also be viewed in a tabulated format for the selected review.

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