What is the use of the Employee 360 Dashboard in Profit.co?

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Profit.co offers the Employee 360° Dashboard, a dynamic platform that showcases graphical data visualizations representing employee information within the organization.

Why this feature?

  • A dashboard is a visual representation of all of your data. Its prime objective is to exhibit data effectively to users.
  • This feature enables HR administrators to effortlessly track progress, assess performance, and access employee data within a single user-friendly dashboard.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → Dashboard and select Employee 360° from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:

To access employee data, click on the Filter option to select the specific Employee, Matrix Dashboard, and the desired period.

Note: Terminated user's data will also be displayed in the dashboard if selected.

Step 3:

The Overview tab shows a list of all performance reviews that an employee has participated in, as well as whether they are included in any succession development plans and their progress for the same.

In the Notes section, you can Add and view notes of the employees.

In the OKRs section, you can view the OKRs assigned to the employee.

In the User Details section, you can access and view the specific employee's information.

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