Will I get notified if I don't assign the right weightage to goals?

Category: Performance

You can now assign the right weightage to goals without any hassle.

Why this feature?

When you assign weight to goals that are not cumulative of 1, you will be alerted and notified on the goals list page.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → Goals from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

When the listed goals are not given weights that amount to 1, you will be notified with the alert icon of the weightage icon. Click on and you will view an alert message saying that Total weight is lesser than or equal to 1 or Total weight is greater than 1 based on the weight you have assigned.


Step 3:

You can change the weight and click Apply.


Step 4:

Once the total weight of goals is changed to a cumulative of 1, you will no longer see the alert icon.


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