How can users add checklists to their tasks?

Category: Tasks allows users to add checklists to tasks individually and track the progress of each task.

Why this feature?

  • Creating a task checklist helps reduce failures in task completion. 
  • It also helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task.

Note: already provides an option to add checklists to the task board stages, which will apply to all tasks in the task board. This feature will enable users to add checklists individually to the tasks.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Tasks. Click the General tab and enable the toggle for Task Checklist under Task Controls.

Step 2

Now select any of your tasks, and on the overview page, you can add checklists to that particular task. 

Note: Task checklists are different from stage checklists. You can complete any task without moving to the next stage. 

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