How to enable and add board stages and checklists for the tasks?

Category: Tasks provides an option to set board stages and checklists in the tasks.

Why this feature?

To complete a task the users need to pass through different stages which can be created under the task board and also we can add checklists which are to-do lists to move tasks from one stage to another stage.

Step 1

You can add Stages to a task board by enabling the Stages toggle either while creating or editing a Board.

After enabling the stages, enter the Stage Name, and assign stage Owners to each stage if needed. You can also add multiple owners to each stage.

To create a Checklist, click on the Checklist icon. 

Step 2

You can add n number of checklist items to the created stage. After adding the checklists, click Create.

The tasks created in this board can move to each stage only when the checklists are completed.

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