How to add/create a Workspace/Board under an OKR ?

Category: Tasks provides an option to add a new Key result by clicking on “Add Workspace/Board” which shows the default and created board and workspace present in Tasks, for creating a Task tracked KR. Also, there will be a pop-up to create a new Workspace/Board through this process.

Why this Feature?

While creating Task tracked Key Result you don’t need to go to the Task Management module to create a new Workspace/Board.

Step 1:

While creating a new Key result you’ll be getting an option named “Add Workspace/Board” which will show the existing workspaces and boards in Task management.


Also you will be getting a + icon to create a new Board and Workspace.

Step 2:

For instance, let's create a Workspace named Information Technology.


Note: While creating the new Workspace a default Board will be created automatically.

Let’s create a new Board named Patch Management.


Step 3:

While creating a new Key Result the newly created Board and Workspace will also get reflected.


The key result will be created with the Workspace and Board.


Also, the new Workspace and Board will be reflected on the left navigation menu.


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