How do I create a task tracked key result in

Category: Tasks allows you to create a key result based on the progress of task completion. You can also include your Workspace/Boards to track the key results.

Why this feature?

By using this feature, you can link your tasks with your key results, where you can calculate the progress of the key result automatically when the task is completed.

Step 1

Click on the Task Tracked key result type while creating a key result.

Step 2

You will have the option to select the existing boards from the levels dropdown.

Note: You can also create a new workspace/board from here, and later you can add tasks to it.

You will also have the option to track the key result based on a percentage as well as by number in the tracking type as shown in the below image.

Step 3

The key result will be progressed whenever a task is completed.

Step 4

If the Workspace/Board owner has set restricted visibility, except for the OKR owner and the Access List members the users can’t see.

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