How can we switch to another board from a workspace or a board in Task management?

Category: Tasks provides a new option named Switch Boards.

Why this Feature?

If the user wants to change to another board within the Workspace. This will allow the users to navigate to the Boards within the workspace itself.

Step 1:

In the created Workspace/Board there will be a dropdown menu.

Workspace Board

If we click on that there will be a list of options present, in which you have to select “Switch Boards” with the right arrow.

For instance, if we are in any of the boards present inside the workspace named Content Team.

Content Team

Select the dropdown menu and select Switch Board to go to another board.

Step 2:

The same option will be present in the dropdown of the Board menu.

For instance, if we are present in the Board named Blog Content select the dropdown menu and select switch board to go to another Board.

Blog Content

Note: The existing Board where we are present will be highlighted while switching.

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