How to create Workspaces and Boards in

Category: Tasks allows you to create Workspaces and Boards in the Task module.

Why this feature? allows users to create a workspace with boards to logically group them under a particular Objective or key result. Tasks can be created and moved to a particular board. Users can also have visibility control over these boards. This feature helps to keep the tasks organized.

Step 1:

Navigate to Tasks from the left navigation panel and click on the Create-workspaceicon to create a new Workspace.


Step 2:

For instance, let’s create a new workspace named Technical Support.


By default, Visibility will be in the Public state. You can also set the visibility to the Access list and add the members to that list.


Note: The workspace and the board created will be visible to only those members added to the Access list.


Note: While creating Workspace a default board will be created with the name “Workspace name - Default Board”. Users can go and edit the name of the board anytime.

Step 3:

To edit the created default board, click on the ellipses icon and choose the Edit Board option.


Step 4:

In the Edit Board page, For instance, let’s rename the default board name Technical Support- Default Board as Network Maintenance and click on Update.


Note: You can also create any number of boards in a single Workspace.

The edited board will get reflected on the left navigation panel under the Workspace.


Finally, you can create tasks under the newly created Board Network Maintenance.


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