How to create Workspaces and Boards in

Category: Tasks allows you to create Workspaces and Boards in the Task module.

Why this feature?

  • allows users to create a workspace with boards to logically group them under a particular Objective or key result. Tasks can be created and moved to a particular board.
  • Users can also have visibility control over these boards. This feature helps to keep the tasks organized.

Step 1

Navigate to Tasks from the left navigation panel, select Workspaces, and click on the Create Workspace button to create a new Workspace.

By default, Visibility will be in the Public state. You can also set the visibility to the Access list and add the members to that list.

Step 2

By default, there will be a board created. Click on the Default Board to enable stages and checklists if needed.

Step 2

On the Edit Board page, you can enable the stages and create a checklist if needed.


Note: You can also create any number of boards in a single Workspace.

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