How do I see the Tasks of other employees?

Category: Tasks allows you to view the tasks of other employees using the All Employee Tasks option in the task module.

Why this feature?

  • This feature helps you to view the tasks of other employees in your organization so that you can plan and assign tasks to them according to their availability time. 
  • You can also filter the tasks on the All Employee Tasks page based on the due dates, priority, status, and tags of tasks.

Step 1

Navigate to Tasks → All Employee Tasks from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

On the All Employees Tasks page, you can view the tasks that have been assigned to all the employees.

You can select the employees by locating their names in the name directory situated in the left panel to look into the tasks assigned to them. 

Clicking on a specific name on the left directory panel will filter and display tasks that are assigned only to that selected employee.

You will be having the option to export all or specific employee's tasks in a spreadsheet type report format.

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