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In you can create 7 types of key results. It’s important to know which key result type to choose to accurately track the progress of your Objective. Task-tracked key results track progress based on task completion. If your key result is best measured using individual tasks, select this option.

7 types of key results

In Task tracked key result you can measure progress in two ways:

  • Completed Tasks %
  • Completed Tasks Count

completed Tasks Count

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1. Completed Tasks %

If you select Completed Task Percentage as your tracking type, then your progress percentage will reflect the number of completed tasks associated with a key result divided by the total number of tasks associated.

For instance, let’s take a look at the below screenshot. Here, the Tracking type is selected as task percentage. The aim of the key result is to publish 10 new engaging blog posts. You can create a task for each of these blog posts, and progress each task through each stage of the creation and publication process.

Here you can see that the user has created 11 tasks instead of 10. When you look at the progress bar you can see that the percentage is calculated based on the number of completed tasks out of these 11 existing tasks, rather than 10. The progress bar will only read 100% complete when all 11 tasks have been completed.


When using the stages feature, you must complete multiple steps in order to complete a task. You can add a checklist for each stage so that each contributor must complete certain criteria before moving a task from one stage to the next. Stages and checklists in the task board help you check that you have added all the necessary details and that the task is ready with the necessary reviews and formalities.


Once you complete the checklists, click on the Move to stage button. Once a task reaches the last stage, the status will be changed to “Complete”.


Once you move all the tasks to the final stage the progress will reach 100%.

progress will reach 100

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2. Completed Tasks Count

If you select Completed Tasks Count as your tracking type, then you can show progress based on the number of the tasks you create and complete in your work board.

Here you can see that progress will be based on the count of the tasks you complete. We have set the ‘from’ value as 1 and ‘to’ value as 5.

completed task percentage

You should follow the same steps that you would for the completed task percentage calculation. As you complete each task, the completed task count will increase. Once the value of completed tasks on the board reaches 5, your key result will reach 100% completion.

completed task percentage

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