How to add and view the tasks using Tags?

Category: Tasks provides an option to filter and view the tasks using tags.

Why this Feature?

In a complex business environment with numerous projects and departments, tag filters help you keep your tasks organized.

Note: Only Super Users can create tags while creating or updating the tasks.

How to create a tag?

While creating a new task or while updating an existing task in task management, you have the option to create and add Tags to your tasks. Click on the Tag Tag icon icon on your task board and select the desired tag, or you can create new tags by clicking on the Add Tag option.

Add Tag

In the Workspace/Board, select the Tag filter icon present at the top of the menu to view the tasks tagged to the selected filter.

Filter Tag

To delete the associated Tag, you can simply click on the X icon adjacent to it.

Delete Tag

 If you have more Tags, you can use the Search option to find them.

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