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If you want to make a duplicate of the existing tasks, You can now copy/clone tasks from the Workspace/Boards.

Why this Feature? provided an option to copy entire Workspaces and Boards along with their Tasks, but you cannot copy the Tasks Individually. Now using this feature, you can copy the tasks alone with their attributes from the workspaces/boards to another place.

Select the task name which you want to copy and click on the More option.

Click on the Copy option to copy the task.

Once you choose the copy option, Copy Task window will open with the following fields.

  • Task Name
  • Workspace Name
  • Board Name
  • What would you like to copy?

In the Task Name field, the name of the task which you copy will be displayed along with the word Copy in the brackets.

In the Workspace dropdown list box, the Workspaces to which you are having access will be displayed. You can select any Workspace from the dropdown to which you want to copy this task.

Based on the Workspace selected, the Board names will be displayed in the Board Name field. You can select any Board under that Workspace from the dropdown list to which you want to copy this task.

Under What would you like to copy field, all the attributes of the tasks will be displayed with a checkbox.

  • If you want to copy the task with all the attributes in it, you can click on the Select All link which will select all the checkboxes.
  • Else, if you don't want to copy all attributes, click on the Clear All link which will unselect all the checkboxes.

You can also choose the task attributes based on your requirement 

Once you have filled all the above-mentioned fields, click the Copy Task option.

when you click the Copy Task option the copied task with the selected attributes will appear in the Workspace/Board which you choose.

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