How to create a task from the list view?

Category: Tasks allows you to create a task in the list view.

Why this feature?

  • Tasks are created to set various levels of priority based on importance and set deadlines with time and date to get it done. 
  • Tasks can also be further broken up into sub-tasks and the users can track progress. It can also be viewed in Kanban, List, and Gantt views.

Step 1

Navigate to Tasks Workspace/Board from the left navigation panel.

You will be directed to the My Space page, then switch to the List View.

Click on the + Create Task icon to add a new Task.

Fill in the required fields and click Save.


You can also customize fields by clicking the icon based on your organizational needs.

Step 2

We can also add the “TASK ID” field in the list view, to refer and share the task with your co-workers in the organization.

By creating a Task ID, we have a specific reference number which makes it easier to refer to and discuss the task with others.

Note: You can also rearrange the tasks present in the List View. 


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