How to show the latest comments in each task under Kanban/List view?

Category: Tasks provides an option to view the latest comments given for the tasks in both Kanban and List View page in

Why this feature?

  • In the “Show/Hide” option you can enable the toggles to view the completed tasks, key results associated with the tasks, associated tags, comments, and parent tasks.
  • The comments option in Task management helps users add notes and give suggestions to the tasks in the workspace.

By enabling the Comments toggle, users can easily view all the latest comments on the tasks on the view page itself.

In the Task Dashboard, navigate to the right corner and click on the option "Show/Hide".

Enable the toggle for “Comments”. After enabling it, you can view the latest comments given for the tasks.


Note: If a subtask has been assigned and the user wants to see the parent task, you have to enable the “Parent Task” toggle under the "Show/Hide" option.

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