How to edit/copy/delete comments in Task management?

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The comments option in Task management helps you to add notes and give suggestions to the tasks in the workspace. provides an option to edit/copy/delete comments in Tasks.

Why this feature?

In the multi-user environment, you can give additional information, notes, and reminders to the task using the comment option. This feature helps you to add comments on the task's progress, status, timeline, etc.

Step 1

In the My Tasks Page, select the Task from the workspace for which you need to add comments and click on the More more_iconicon and click Editedit_icon.


Step 2

The comment section will be on the right side of the Edit Task page. Click on the Text Box to enter the comment and click post.


Now the comment you entered will be added to the task.

Step 3: allows you to copy the comment in the tasks,

Click on the More option next to the recent comments section under the task card, and choose copy to clipboard.


Now comment will be copied to the clipboard, you can paste the copied comment wherever you want.

Step 4

If you want to delete the comment, click on the More icon and choose the delete icon from it.


If you click on the Deletedelete_icon icon you’ll be getting the confirmation message to delete the comment.


Note: You can’t edit or delete others' replies and normal comments. Only the user who added the comment will be able to edit and delete it.

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