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There is no option to enable accept/reject task requests in The accept/reject option for tasks is enabled by default.

Why this feature?

This feature provides an option for employees to accept or reject the tasks that are assigned to them by other employees so that the employees can decide on their own on either accepting or rejecting the tasks when they get the notification for newly assigned tasks.

Step 1

Now let's say that David Griffin has assigned a task to Alice Mills, say for example: Create 3 blogs.


Step 2

The assigned task will be displayed in the My Tasks page of Alice Mills with the Accept/ Reject option.


Step 3

If Alice Mills accepts the task, it will be stored in the My Task page of Alice Mills.


Also, the assigned task will be displayed in the My Task for Others page of David Griffin


Step 4

If Alice Mills rejects the task, the task will be reassigned to David Griffin.


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