How to move back the Tasks from any Workspace/Board to My Tasks?

Category: Tasks provides an option to move back a task from any Workspace/Board to the My Tasks Page.

Why this Feature?

Earlier, the users could not move back a task from one Workspace/Board to My Tasks. Now, this feature allows you to bring back the task to the My Task page itself if they have moved a task to a workspace/board by mistake.

For instance, let’s move a task under the Board named Content Management to My Tasks

Step 1:

Select the task name which you want to move and click on the name of the Board above the task name.


Step 2:

In the dropdown, A list will show the options with My Space, My Tasks, all the workspaces, and their corresponding boards in which the user has access.


Note: The names mentioned with the Starstar_icon symbols are the Workspaces and the respective created Boards will be seen under each Workspace.

Step 3:

Users can select the My Task Option under My spaces to move the task.


Now the task is moved from the Content management Workspace to the My Tasks Page.


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