How to move tasks between the Workspace?

Category: Tasks provides an option to move a task from one Workspace to another.

Why this Feature?

Earlier, the users could move a task only from one Board to another in the same Workspace. Now they can move a task from one Workspace to another, from the list of tasks displayed under the same Workspace/Board selection dropdown.

For instance, let’s move a created task under the Board named Marketing Analytics.

In the created task click on the name of the Board.

Marketing Analytics

In the dropdown all the workspaces and its corresponding boards in which the user has access will be listed.


Note: The names mentioned with the star star symbols are the Workspaces and the created Boards will be seen under each Workspace.

Users can select any board from another Workspace and move the task to it.

If the user has many workspaces you can search it manually.


Now we have moved the task from the board marketing analytics to the default board under the Workspace Cloud Deployment.

Cloud Deployment

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