How to Navigate to Workspace/Board from Task Card?

Category: Tasks allows the users to navigate to the Board pages from the Task cards without having the need to navigate to the left menu or use the Switch board option in the Workspace/Board page.

Why this Feature?

Earlier, the users can move the tasks from any workspace/Board to the other Boards from the task cards. Now with this feature, the users can also view all the tasks of Workspace/ Board easily by navigating to the corresponding boards from the task cards.

For instance, let’s move to the Board name Product Space from the task named 360-degree assessment report.

Step 1:

Navigate to Tasks→My Space→ My Tasks in the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the My tasks Page, select the task, and Mouse hover over the name of the corresponding board name above the task. Click on the tooltip icon with the text View Board Tasks to view tasks on that Board.


Step 3:

Now you can view the tasks present in the Product Space workspace.


Note: In the listview also, you will get the View Board Tasks option above the task name.


Step 4:

Once you are directed to the Board page, you can go back to the previous page through the Back icon which is available before the board name at the top of the page.


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