How to set a sprint planner in Task Management?

Category: Tasks provides the option to create a predefined sprint planner to add it while creating a new task.

Why this feature?

  • A "Sprint" is a short-term period in Task Management within which a team focuses on a particular set of Tasks.
  • It Enhances focus, efficiency, collaboration, deadlines, accountability, and iterative progress tracking.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Tasks → Sprints from the left menu. Enable the toggle for Sprints and click on the +Create Sprint option.

Set a Name, Code, Start date, and End date, give a description of the sprint, assign an owner, and finally click on Create.

You can also edit and delete the created Sprint.

Step 2

While creating a new Workspace, you can enable the sprint toggle.

When you edit a created task under the Workspace where you have enabled sprint or the Board that comes under the Workspace, you will get a dropdown menu for selecting the predefined sprint.

In the Workspace/Board menu, you will have a dropdown menu to sort out the tasks in the sprint period.

Note: You can also add multiple sprints to a task.

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