How to set visibility for each board apart from the Workspace in Task Management ?

Category: Tasks has now provided an option to set visibility for individual Boards that are created under Workspace. But before you learn about setting the visibility for boards, it is important to to know the visibility status of your workspace. Let’s see how this feature works.

FYI: To know how to create Workspace and set visibility , click here.

It’s important to know: If you allow visibility for users only from the access list in your Workspace then while setting the visibility for the Board you can select only the members who have access to the Workspace.

For instance, let's say that the owner of the workspace David Griffin wants only specific users to have visibility option for the created workspace UI, as he wants to hide the workspace from the members of the other workspaces. So he gives visibility access to the list of users under the Access list, and so, the corresponding users from the access list can only create, set or edit visibility and view boards


Why this Feature?

Like you can set, edit or change the visibility of Workspace, now you can also set or change the Visibility access for each Board. If you give visibility access to only a few users in your Workspace, the corresponding users can now set , edit and change the Visibility for each board through the Edit Board panel. By doing this you can make sure that your workspace and the board remains confidential.

How does the access list visibility in workspace work for boards?

Step 1:

For instance, if you have already given visibility access for five users in the Workspace named UI.


If you have created a Board named Designing in this Workspace and if you’re trying to set visibility you won't be able to select different users other than these five. You can be able to give access only to these five users.

select user

How does public visibility access in workspace work for boards?

Step 2:

For instance, let's say that we set the visibility of the workspace UI as public.


So when the visibility of the workspace is set as public, any user can access the boards under the workspace and any user can set the visibility of the boards.


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