How to view the segregated Workspaces?

Category: Tasks provides an option to segregate Public and Private Workspaces.

Why this Feature?

The workspace feature creates a collaborative environment where teams can work together seamlessly. It provides a dedicated space for teams to share tasks, updates, and resources, fostering better communication and coordination.

Step 1:

Navigate to Tasks → Workspaces. You will be able to see the list of Workspaces that belong to you, and also the Public, Private, and Hidden Workspaces.


To create new boards for your workspace, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

To Add New Boards to your Workspaces, click on the + icon.

Add Board

Step 2:

In the Create Board panel, you can customize the Name, Owner, and even add Stages. Once done, click on Create, and the boards will be added to the respective Workspace.

Create Board

In the Actions column, click on the Edit icon to modify your workspace.

Edit Board

If you click on the  symbol, your workspace will be added to your Favorites.


By clicking on the Ellipsis icon, you can Create Board, Copy, Hide, and Delete the Workspaces.


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