How to view the segregated Workspaces?

Category: Tasks provides an option to segregate Public and Private Workspaces.

Why this Feature?

Earlier we showed all the created Workspaces and their Boards in the left menu itself. But now we have segregated the Workspaces based on their visibility and we have displayed it in the Workspaces page.

Step 1:

On the left menu select Task --> Workspaces.


Step 2:

You’ll be able to see the list of Workspaces that belongs to you

And also the Public, Private, and Hidden Workspaces.


Step 3:

You can add specific Workspaces that you want to view often, to the left menu.

For instance, if you want to add any Workspace in the left menu. Click on workspace-icon the  icon.


It’ll be added to the left menu.


If you want to remove it from the left menu. Click on the remove menu-iconsymbol.


Note: If you click on the star symbol it’ll be added to your Favorites. Also, you can add a new board under the Workspace through this process.

Step 4:

By clicking on the ellipsis icon you can Edit, Copy, Hide and Delete the Workspaces.


For instance, if you click on Edit Workspace it’ll redirect you to the Editing option.


For instance, if you click on Copy Workspace it’ll redirect you to the following option given below.


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