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Team building activities are essential for the success of every business. They encourage employee collaboration, allowing for meaningful progress, problem-solving, and a happy and healthy workspace.


Why is team building vital? Explore 20 activities to keep your employees engaged. Read on for a comprehensive guide on effectively putting team building into practice.

What is Team Building?

Team building activities create an environment of trust, understanding, friendship, and camaraderie among team members. HR team building activities come in many forms, such as icebreakers, problem-solving tasks, or even just fun bonding activities like scavenger hunts or karaoke nights.

These activities can help build relationships between coworkers, leading to more productive work and happier employees.

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Importance of Team Building

Team building is vital for businesses as it nurtures an environment of trust and understanding between employees. By implementing team building activities, you can encourage collaboration, leading to more productive work.

HR activities for team building also create a sense of unity among employees, fostering a feeling of belonging and contributing to something bigger than themselves. These activities, over time, define company culture. They break the routine and put people at ease, creating an atmosphere for effortless conversations and feedback that can also translate into the work environment.

These activities can help build relationships and improve team communication and problem-solving skills. They are great for boosting morale and assisting employees to remain engaged in their work over the long term.


How Do Team Building Activities Create Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the core of a successful organization and a great way to create employee engagement and foster team collaboration is through fun team building activities.

As John C. Maxwell cautions in his book, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, quotes “A great dream is a nightmare without a good team. These fun and creative activities help employees feel more connected and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps build trust between team members, which is essential when working together effectively. team building activity should be part of an organization’s employee engagement strategy.

Team building activities also allow employees to be creative and develop innovative solutions to help the business succeed. Finally, team building fosters positive feelings among coworkers as they get a chance to get to know each other better in a relaxed environment away from work pressures.

All these combined make HR team-building activities great for creating employee engagement.


Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

Henry Ford

20 Team Building Activities to Keep Your Employees Engaged.

The human resources department is constantly looking for better and brighter ideas to
increase employee engagement. In this blog, we have put together twenty of the most effective team building activities that are interesting and can be easily used.

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is great at uniting individuals into teams. It involves splitting your group into units and giving each one a list of objects or clues to find around the office or workplace. The first team to complete their list wins! Simple!

The scavenger hunt encourages communication, problem-solving, and collaboration among employees.


Icebreaker activities are an excellent way to break the ice between new coworkers and help everyone learn more about each other in a relaxed setting. Examples include “Two Truths & A Lie” and “The Name Game.”

In two truths and a lie, one team member tells the team three things about themselves. Out of the three statements, only two are true.

The team members must guess which of three things is a lie, and the team member will then confess the truth and the lie. Getting people talking this way can help show the importance of people management and improve work performance.


Charades is an entertaining game for groups of any size, and it helps foster communication among coworkers without too much pressure on any one person. To play, split up into teams and have someone read out charade topics (e. g., animals, books). Each unit has 60 seconds to act out their chosen topic using only gestures – no speaking aloud allowed! Charades encourage team collaboration and laughter, which is always good for morale!

Escape Room

An escape room is a thrilling team building activity. It requires everyone to work together and use problem-solving skills to solve clues and make their way out of a locked room. It has gained popularity in recent times.
Escape room encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration and provides entertainment for everyone involved.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a fun team building activity that encourages employees to let loose and have fun! Pick some songs for your team to sing, or even write some original songs as a group. It is an excellent activity for fostering connections and promoting creativity.

Team Sports

Team sports provide an excellent opportunity for employees to come together, have fun and get physical exercise. Examples can include basketball, soccer, or even fun field games. These team building work activities promote teamwork, communication, and trust among employees while also providing some entertainment.

Board Games

Board games have been around forever but still have a charm around them. They can get people talking in an enjoyable setting and allow laid-back participation. Pick something that requires strategy and communication, like Monopoly or Apples to Apples. It will help people learn more about each other in a relaxed environment.

Team Challenges

Team challenges are great for getting people out of their comfort zone and working together to solve an interesting problem. Sometimes they expose hidden talent and creativity. These can range from a scavenger hunt, fitness challenges, or trivia competition to something more complex, like creating a new product or figuring out how to escape from a room. Such activities for team building at work encourage innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, and collaboration.

Creative Projects

Initiating creative projects can help individuals communicate and promote collaboration among employees.

Examples of such team building activities include building a bridge out of paper or creating an art project with recyclable materials. You will get people talking and working together and getting creative.

Appreciating talented team members with awards that align with their accomplishments is a great idea, and doing so will promote a positive culture where positivity will be contagious.

Team Cooking

Making food together is a great way to get people working in sync! Everyone can bring their ingredients and come up with a recipe together or even cook a dish assigned to one team. It encourages cooperation and is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Arts & Crafts

Engaging in arts and crafts can foster community and connection among people. Examples can include making paper planes or designing mini sculptures using everyday objects. The paper plane game aims to determine which team can create a paper airplane that stays in the air for the most extended duration. Each team will start with a large piece of plain paper, and there’s a time limit. Once the time lapses, the teams fly the paper planes to see which lasts the longest. The Paper Plane Challenge challenges the teams to work together to decide on a sophisticated design that will take more time, or they can also choose to fold a simple paper plane that they can finish within the set time.

Outdoor Activities

Going outdoors can be a great way to get people to think outside the box and interact with their environment. Outdoors refresh the mind and improve the creative spirit. Examples of outdoor activities include kayaking, hiking, or even just going on an afternoon picnic – these activities can help build relationships in a fun and unique environment.


Workshops are a great way to get the whole team on the same page and learn a new skill or deepen understanding of a topic.
Examples of such team building work activities include learning a language or even more technical things like coding. They help people engage with new ideas and get creative with their solutions.

Innovation Games

Innovation games are another great way to get people thinking outside the box and working together as teams. Examples include “Game of Possibilities” or “Idea Storms,” where teams brainstorm ideas to solve a particular problem.

Group Discussions

Group discussions can be a great way to get people talking in an open, relaxed setting. Pick topics that help get people thinking or that have relevance to the company’s mission, then encourage everyone to voice their opinions. Such HR activities for team building help foster communication and understanding between team members. It also creates an environment of collaboration.

Team Dinners

Team dinners are a great way to get coworkers together in a non-work setting to share a meal and build relationships with one another. The dinners can be in-person or virtual via video chat, and it’s an excellent way to build relationships and help people get to know each other in an informal setting.


Participating in volunteer work is an effective means of contributing to society and fostering teamwork within a group. It encourages team members to work together towards a common goal and promotes understanding and empathy amongst employees.

Empathy Exercises

Empathy exercises are a great way to get employees to think about the perspectives of others and build empathy for one another. Examples can include role-playing activities or interviews where team members ask each other questions about their views and experiences.

These HR team building activities help foster understanding and respect between team members and provide a fun way to get to know one another.

Q&A Sessions

Holding question and answer sessions creates a comfortable atmosphere for open communication and offers valuable perspectives on significant subjects for the organization. They encourage open dialogue amongst employees and provide an opportunity for effective knowledge sharing.
You can also engage your team members via 1:1 meetings to nurture and inspire excellence. Employees can be encouraged into a cycle of conversations and feedback and be recognized for it, and it’s a great way to get people involved and feel heard.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a great way to get people to think deeper and have fun.
Try assigning everyone a topic to write about, then share their writings in a group setting. It encourages creativity and collaboration among employees and provides an outlet for expressing new ideas.


What kind of team building activities should I do?

The type of team building work activities you choose will depend on the size and dynamics of your group, as well as what goals you want to achieve through it.

Some popular options include icebreakers, problem-solving tasks, or fun bonding activities like scavenger hunts or karaoke nights! Each activity has different benefits, so pick one that aligns with your objectives.

How often should I be doing team-building activities?

How often you implement these activities in your workplace is up to you. Some companies do them once a month, but others opt for weekly or biweekly sessions.

Ultimately, these events must become part of the company culture to impact team morale and collaboration.

What if my team wants to refrain from participating in team building exercises?

If team members seem disengaged, it’s important to remind them of the benefits of participating in team activities for the team and for them individually. One way to gauge team engagement is using a flexible survey builder to send anonymous surveys and review the results using innovative dashboards. Additionally, to combat disengagement from a particular activity, consider trying something new, such as virtual reality games, to bring the team together in a fresh and exciting way.


Team building activities have the power to transform any workplace. You can create meaningful bonds and foster collaboration with activities tailored to employees and company goals.

Moreover, team building activities allow employees to learn leadership, delegation, and communication skills. By interacting in a relaxed setting away from work pressures, employers can foster better relationships which will inevitably lead to improved performance.

Furthermore, these exercises promote creativity and innovation and help individuals learn more about each other, which is critical to successful teamwork. Ultimately, engaging in various team building activities creates strong relationships between team members, resulting in better employee morale and overall productivity.

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