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Employee engagement is a workplace concept that aims to understand the relationship between the employee and the organization. Engaged employees go above and beyond because they care about the organization and are committed to it.


Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

That said, work cultures evolve with time in the business world. And therefore, it’s important that leaders have their finger on the pulse of their employees’ engagement levels.

Organizations today must prioritize employee engagement to foster an engaged workforce, so that the workplace is a pleasant place to be at, employees give their best to the organization, and as a result, take the organization to newer and greater heights.

Softwares such as’s employee engagement module move the process of engaging employees to a digital platform so you can ensure even remote employees are actively engaged in the company’s community. You can get started with for free today!

Here are a few ways to increase employee engagement at the workplace:

The freedom of flexibility

Employees don’t need to be at the workplace all of the time– that doesn’t necessarily guarantee high productivity. Giving employees the freedom of flexibility at the workplace makes them happier, more productive and can boost employee engagement. When employees get to decide their work schedules or location that suit their needs better, they have higher job satisfaction.

Be genuine

Be genuine. That’s the bedrock of a sincere relationship between employees and the management that can foster a trustworthy workplace. When employees see that the workplace is a place where they can be honest, they will realize that should there be any problems, it’s best not to keep it from their coworkers, and work towards fixing it. They will realize that being truthful about small problems will not have any devastating consequences and they don’t need to be afraid of losing their jobs.

When the management values being genuine and honest, its workforce will adopt the same values too. They learn to take ownership of their failures and successes, which makes them more confident.

Make the workplace a happy place

People spend so much time at the workplace, or working, that it is a big part of their lives. And when something is such a big part of their lives, it’s important that it should bring them joy and contentment. Therefore, it’s important that the workplace is a happy place, and employees feel happy at work.

The workplace environment needs to be conducive to both happiness and productivity. Whether it means making sure the temperature is comfortable in the office, ensuring that it’s well lit, or making sure the place smells good. Be certain that employees feel comfortable and feel like they belong. They are treated well, feel appreciated and welcomed. It’s one of the easiest ways to increase employee engagement.

Offer a helping hand

It’s not possible for the manager to always be around for his/her team members — they would be busy with their workload and schedules. But it’s important that the manager lets his/her team members know that should the team face any issues in their work, s/he will always be there to offer help. This ensures smooth workflow and it also helps employees realize that help is near if they need it. A reassurance like that can do wonders for employee engagement.

Seek feedback

Ask for feedback from the employees. In most cases, managers are the ones giving feedback to employees, about their performance, productivity, working style etc. Make sure to also frequently seek employees’ feedback on a certain concept, campaign or proposal. This makes them realize that their opinion matters and that they are an important part of the organization.

Employee engagement can be complicated if you have a workforce that is partially or completely remote. Even if everyone is in the office, there can still be a shocking disconnect between how employees are feeling and how management perceives them. With’s employee engagement module, you can keep employees engaged and continuously open a channel of communication with pulse surveys, employee engagement surveys, and awards so that employees feel heard and recognized. You can book a free demo to see what can do in your organization!

In Conclusion

There is no secret to increasing employee engagement. The solution is as simple as the points above. All that management needs to do is ask its employees what they want and what needs to improve. Be there for them. Foster a happy, trustworthy workplace, and productivity and performance will fall into place.

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