Net Income

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Net income also known as bottom line or net profit- is the amount of money that remains after you pay all debt and expenses within a company. This is the money you have available to invest in other projects or assets. Anyone that has a job and receives a paycheck can see on their payslip the net salary and gross salary. The net salary is the amount of money that is paid to you after all taxes and payroll deductions have been taken out.

When applying the concept of “net income” to a company, things are quite different. The calculation of the net operating income is crucial to large businesses. This indicator helps investors to get a view of the company’s financial position, as well as the potential for the business to get new assets. Also, the net income for a company will help the business to pay the salaries and bonuses to other employees based on their competitiveness ratio.

This is an important calculation for businesses to know, despite its significance, it is very simple. Let’s take a look at the formula.

Net Income Formula

In order to calculate the net income, you must subtract the total expenses from the total revenue. Though this formula is very simple, it brings to light important information about the business and can influence many decisions within the company.

One use of this number is that investors, creditors, and the company management team can see if the company has made a profit since the last month. Usually, this calculation will be made on the first day of every month. Sometimes even more frequently, depending on the company, and the uses it has for this number.

The Basics of the Net Income

Many companies seem to be after huge profits, bigger salaries and new equipment, but these things aren’t necessarily what people should be focused on. If profits go sky-high, so does the taxable income, and minimizing profits may seem like a good idea. Some companies have developed a book to tax adjustment at the end of every year. Adjusting the book income to the certain tax options that are being taken advantage of may be beneficial.

As net income and the net operating income is the company’s profit you may notice that other taxes might be due. Taxable income plays a giant role in net income. This will show if the company is making a profit. If this is the case, it must be shared with all its employees in an “earnings per share” business calculation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, net income is simple to calculate and can be a great indicator of a company’s profitability, but it should be noted that even net income has taxes. Just like you have additional expenses each month that you have to think about as soon as you receive your paycheck, a company has essential debts and taxes that remain to be deducted from net income.

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