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As we reminisce about 2023 at, it’s clear it was a landmark year brimming with achievements. From prestigious awards to unveiling innovative products, our journey was extraordinary. This blog is set to unfold all the thrilling chapters of the past year – from the milestones we’ve reached and the innovative products we’ve introduced to the market to the invaluable lessons that have shaped our journey.
2023 Achievements

A Strong Start to the Year

Kicking off 2023, received a significant boost: a whopping $11 million in funding from Elevation Capital, a renowned early-stage venture capital firm. This funding, spotlighted by Forbes and TechCrunch, was not just capital – it was a vote of confidence in our potential and a catalyst for our future growth. Elevation Capital, known for its deep involvement and support for innovative and category-redefining solutions, has a track record of nurturing giants like Swiggy and Paytm. Their philosophy of going “above, beyond, and together” aligns perfectly with our mission at This partnership marks a new chapter in our journey, fueling our drive to lead and innovate with an energetic team poised to build an iconic company.

The Power of Organizing Your Workflow

Recognition from Top Analysts and Customers
Our journey through 2023 was not just about internal milestones but also about external validation. The recognition from the prestigious corners of Gartner and G2 underscored the profound impact of our customer-centric approach.

Being recognized in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Applications for the third consecutive year and featuring in their Market Guide for Employee Performance Management is a testament to our enduring excellence. Furthermore, our distinction as a G2 Leader, adorned with 32 badges across five categories, was a resounding endorsement of our products by those who matter most – our users.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Collaborative Growth

Our dedication to adding value to our customers drives innovation and collaborative efforts to provide cutting-edge tools to redefine strategy execution. Our journey, marked by the amalgamation of dedicated research and the resonant voices of our customers, carved the trajectory of our product development. This synergy resulted in the launching of four user-friendly products: Continuous Performance Management Software, Balanced Scorecard Software, Project/Portfolio Management Software, and Rewards and Recognition Software.


This year also marked the rollout of features that were not just improvements but transformative leaps, such as the enhanced UI/UX, the pioneering OKR Cockpit, and the seamless integration of Generative AI. Click here to learn more and be part of our growing community

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The Cornerstones of Professional Development

In 2023, staying ahead of the curve was not just an ambition at; it was our reality. We transformed into a hub of continuous learning and professional advancement. Our commitment to this ethos was reflected in the rich array of resources we provided, from insightful blogs and comprehensive eBooks to our dynamic YouTube content and thought-provoking podcast. Each of these resources was a testament to our dedication to learning.

A crowning achievement in this pursuit was our ‘Iterate Faster with OKR Certification Programs,’ led by world-class coaches, spotlighting our dedication to fostering growth and expertise.

Making the Most of Events and Webinars

These events, held in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Bangalore, went beyond mere gatherings. They became touch points of customer interaction and engagement. The direct interaction with customers at these events enhanced our credibility and bolstered our brand. It was an opportunity to showcase our solutions and understand and address our users’ unique challenges.

Coupled with our series of eight educational webinars, these platforms became robust forums for knowledge exchange and problem-solving. The webinars, rich in content and expertise, became tools for demonstrating the tangible return on investment (ROI) our solutions offer. They allowed us to delve deep into strategy execution nuances, offering attendees hands-on experiences and real-world applications of our tools.

Ultimately, these events and webinars build lasting relationships, reinforce our commitment to our customers, and continually meet their evolving needs.


“It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

Jeff Bezos

Global Expansions With our Strategic Partnerships

Our global expansion in 2023 was significantly bolstered by our strategic partnerships, forming the backbone of our international growth. Collaborating with partners like Seed Group, Lean Icon Technology & Training Ltd., Gameplan Training, and Rapid E-Suite – a leading Oracle Partner, we’ve successfully navigated new markets and broadened our global footprint. Their expertise, local insights, and robust networks have been invaluable, allowing us to tailor our offerings to diverse markets and fueling our mission to deliver top-notch solutions worldwide. This synergy of strengths has been a key driver in our journey, setting the stage for further international success.

Final Thoughts

As we flip the calendar page in 2023, a few things are crystal clear: AI is no longer a sci-fi fantasy, it’s here to stay, and it’s reshaping the business landscape at lightning speed. That’s why at, We see AI as a game-changer, a productivity sidekick helping us automate tasks, answer questions, and conquer roadblocks on our road to success.

But hold on, let’s keep it real. AI isn’t a magic wand (yet!). We need to understand its strengths and limitations to truly unlock its potential. That’s why we’re all about learning together, sharing insights, and figuring out the path ahead.

It was a year of epic wins and shared victories with our incredible team and amazing customers. Each milestone, high five, and aha moment was thanks to our community. You fueled our rocket engines with your ideas, feedback, and unwavering support. So, thank you to everyone who made 2023 a year to remember!

As we gear up for 2024, our excitement levels are off the charts. We’ve got a pipeline bursting with innovative ideas, learning resources galore, and much more. Prepare for a year of growth, exploration, and celebrating your successes like champions.

So, here’s to 2024, embracing AI like the awesome tech co-pilot it is and conquering the business universe together! Let’s make 2024 a year where the only limit is our imagination. is shaping the future of strategy execution

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