Sales OKRs

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OKR can be a powerful tool for sales teams to achieve better turnout and higher productivity than you thought possible. It serves as a convenient method to track progress and facilitate follow-ups. Moreover, OKRs for sales have to be rightly owned, aligned and co-ordinated between team members to bridge substantial data flow that prevails within the team.

Let’s examine what an OKR for sales team looks like.

  • Objective: Improve sales effectiveness
  • Key results:
    • Decrease missed follow-ups from 75 to 5
    • Increase forecast accuracy by 80% to 90% by the end of month
    • Increase Online sign-ups by 45% by calling the leads

Begin with a Broad Perspective

First things first: get a fair understanding of sales-specific OKRs that are placed at the highest level of your organization. This is a crucial insight to keep in mind as you develop objectives tailored to sales.

The objectives you create for your sales team may be wholly revenue-driven, or they may be staff and team-oriented. In either case, the objectives you create for the sales team must align with the overarching objectives of the organization as a whole. Your OKRs can iterate quarterly or yearly as per the need of change. As sales team mostly work by interchanging lead figures, calls made, follow-ups and other particulars, it becomes essential for the entire team to be compliant of all the proceedings. Complete transparency and daily trackable will ensure everyone is steered towards a single goal.

OKRs that bars up your revenue

Selling comes unique to each individual, having the flexibility to set individual OKRs alongside, gives a leeway to think out of the box and boost revenue. Hence, it is important to note that due to the unique nature of OKRs for sales teams, your organization may even benefit from individual OKRs. The nature of sales work lays the framework for an OKR uniquely conducive to robust KPI tracking and reporting. Sales staff must regularly and consistently adhere to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expectations, and these reports are regularly generated and distributed among your sales staff members.

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